Our Latest Client Testimonials

After experiencing the unexpected loss of my step-mother, I inherited her home. In doing so I inherited the mortgage payments, maintenance fees and taxes and for months I was losing money. I tried listing the property for sale with two different Realtors in my area for a year but they couldn’t get it sold. It was only when a co-worker recommended SellMyHouseFastinDallas.net. I was able to sell the house 2 weeks after submitting my information on their website.” – Richard B.

“I was having sleepless nights over how to sell my home fast in Dallas, TX until I came across your website. One day after submitting my house information on the site I got a call from your company followed up with a cash offer and I sold my house 15 days later. Thanks guy’s for guiding me through this very stressful time in my life.” – Marie L.

“So, I got laid off and within a few months started to fall behind on my bills. My house payments were seriously behind and my mortgage company started the foreclosure process. Thanks to your knowledge and experience, you were able to step in and convince the lender to stop the foreclosure. The foreclosure would have ruined my credit and any chance to buy another home. I was able to sell my house with no out of pocket cost and avoid a foreclosure on my credit. You guys are absolutely fabulous.” – Taylor D.

Ronald was a huge help with a very complicated closing with one of our rental properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. My wife and I decided that we no longer wanted the headache of being landlords and wanted to cut our losses and sell quickly. We were able to get the property sold as is with the tenants in a matter of 20 days.” – Jerry & Susan W.